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Here is how you earn extra money with no investment and very little work.

All you have to do is promote »Real Estate Worldwide« and get a 20% commission on all your sales.

Dear Reader And Affiliate,

Let me offer you the possibility of earning extra money without risking your savings and without doing much work. Simply by joining our profitable affiliate program for free you will be on your way to making real money!

Because I am sure you will not want to pass up on this unique offer I have prepared everything so that you can start making money the minute you turn on your computer.


This is how: Do you konw anybody who is selling real estate? Tell them about us. It´s that easy. And they will be interested.


This is why: Because they can advertise for free!

Interested? Then you just link our homepage to your website, or you email your readers or subscribers who you think might be interested in real estate.

Yes, it is really that simple: Any person who is trying to sell a house, a condo, a plot, a shop or any other kind of real estate is welcome to publish his ads for free on our website. This offer is valid for private sellers as well as for real estate agents or any other kind of professional sellers.

And here is another reason why your friends or clients will be interested:

Because we want to attract buyers from everywhere, our website is not only available in English but also in Spanish, French and German, which means that the same ad may be translated into all these languages. So that their advertising goes global. And for free. Thanks to you.

You might also like to inform your acquaintances that because of our close relation to readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who want to migrate and are looking for real estate in America or Asia, real estate ads from these countries get a high response.

»Great! but how can I earn money if the ads are for free?« You are probably wondering by now.

And yes, that is true. The advertising costs nothing. There is no trick, and this will not change in the future. And this is how you make your money: Everytime that an advertiser wants to get in touch with a potencial buyer they have to pay us a little amount of money. Not much, and only if they consider that the person who has responded might be truly interested. It is up to them to decide. And because the conditions are so convenient, they usually decide to pay.

For more information about how »Real Estate Worldwide« works Sie, please click here

And this is where you come in:

Once you have become an affiliate to our program you will have enabled us to know exactly which advertisers have come to us through your link. And we will be paying you a 20% commission on all the money that they decide to invest on getting in touch with the potencial buyers.

This is a totally automatic operation, and so is the payment: You will receive your commissions monthly, once your earnings have reached 100 euros. If you are below this limit, you will receive your payment as soon as you have reached that sum. Every sale made by one of your clients will be notified to you by email. Besides, you can always check your own affiliate account in your personal member page.

Example: Imagine that only 10 advertisers come to our website from your site and that they only publish one or two ads and spend only 30 euros each: you have already earned 60 Euros! The only thing you have to do is: Login to our affiliate program, subscribe as affiliate and place our link on your webpage.

Naturally, this business is like all businesses: the more you work for it, the more you will earn. If you have large files of readers, or your own newsletter, and you regularly publish ads or send out stand alone emails, chances are you will be selling a lot more than with only putting a link or a banner on your page.

Please note that this is no scheme to become a millionaire in 10 days. But it es a serious extra income, especially if you have a popular website or large files of readers who are interested in real estate. With a 20 % commission and a product which is easy to sell in a booming market you get here the chance to earn easy extra money without a daily effort.

Most of what you have to do we do for you. As our affiliate you get:

  • a profesional email, ready to send to your lists. Or to friends and partners who are interested in real estate (no spam please!!!)
  • an editorial copy for you to publish on your webpage or in your newsletter
  • ads and information which you can use where and how you think it makes sense

(Feel free to change our copy, rewrite it, make it longer or shorter, or adapt it to your own style. Do everything you think will make your advertisement more appealing to your readers)

Don't hesitate, you are risking absolutely nothing!
Please take the following steps right now:

Step #1: Click here to join our affiliate program

Fill out the following form. It only takes you a few minutes (please don´t worry: We care for discretion. We don´t sell personal information)

Step #2: Activate your affiliate link to start receiving commissions on your sales

After sending the completed form you will receive an email with a link. Please click on this link to confirm your participation as affiliate. Once your affiliate account is open you can start. All you have to do is send readers to our webpage »Real Estate Worldwide«. Please use your personal link, which we will notify you after joining as affiliate. Only through this personal link will our system recognize advertisers as your clients - and deposit your 20 % commissions in your account.

Please use the following link always: ID

(Important: Replace »your ID« with the code
you received after joining as affiliate!)

Step #3: Use our power-tips to increase your sales!

As our affiliate you will receive updates on how to increase your sales, or new products offerings. Please make good use of it. If you do, you will be using the best techniques to increase your sales. If you have any question, please send us a email.

See here some proven ways to start
successfully from the very first day:

1. The best way: Send your clients, partners and readers a stand alone email recommending our service. This may take you about 15 minutes, and it will generate the best results. I have prepared an email for this purpose. Please subscribe it, as your personal letter to your readers. Feel free to change it to your style, or use it as it is. If you have a good blog, ezine, a popular newsletter or a weblog with huge files of readers interested in real estate, then you can realistically expect sales on a large scale.

Keep always in mind: Long copy sells better than short copy – as long as the reader is interested in the subject! So send out a stand alone email to your files. This method is better than any other – but do it right now!

To get to your prepared email, please click here

2. Publish our copy together with your personal link on your webpage or in your newsletter! This is another way to attract many interested readers and advertisers to our page. Here we have prepared a copy for sellers of real estate, to try and convince them to publish free ads...

Simply complete this copy with your personal link, and publish it on your webpage or in your newsletter. Feel free to personalize it in such a way that your readers can identify with your style. It is bound to work better if it reminds your readers of your own articles. Nobody knows better than you how to talk to your readers...

To get this copy, please click here

3. Publish this ad in newsletters written for real estate profs. We have used this technique with different success, depending on the kind of newsletter. Use the following classified ad and personalize it with your affiliate link. Publish it in some good ezines or newsletters. It may even be worth to publish payed ads. We do this regularly ourselves.

Here you are also getting a classified ad that got a good response in the past. Use it as it is, or rewrite it and make it more to your liking - it's up to you. And don´t forget to add your personal link!

Real estate for sale? Here you can publish your ad at no cost whatsoever!!!

Want to sell a house, a condominium, a plot or any other real estate? In your country, or anywhere else in the world? Here is the way to avoid the huge advertising fees in the press, in specialized magazines or in real estate portals in the web that cost a lot of money but offer no warranty. Not so in our website: We are offering you the possibility to place your real estate ad for FREE, with photos and for as long as you like, in no less than in 4 languages, to attract foreign buyers. It is simple and it is FREE! Please click here: ID

Remember the most important thing: Never forget to add your personal link! Only this guarantees that your clients are identified and your commissions are added to your account! ID

(Don't forget to replace »YOUR ID« with your personal code!)

That's all you need! Please realize these proven methods right now! It only will take you a few minutes! I know from my own experience: when I say, I do it tomorrow, than I never do it. So please, do it now! I hope a 20 % commission on all sales generated by your clients is reason enough for you to join our affiliate program now. To join as affiliate, please click here!

Thanks you for your interest!
I wish you - and us all- a lot of success!

Norbert Bartl
Coin S.L.

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